How do you convince people to ditch the freedom and stability that comes with a traditional car especially in places that lack good public transportation? Ava is a new EV concept brand meant to tackle this problem. 
There’s just something inherently fun and freeing zipping through traffic on a scooter or moped, something you can’t get from a car (especially in car logged cities). Your Move, celebrates this feeling while simultaneously challenging you to take ownership of how sustainable your ride is. 

The visual identity brings elements of vintage racing to a modern electric vehicle, further emphasizing the fun and competitiveness that can come with a daily commute. The brand is intentionally subverting the usual use of greyscale colors in traditional auto brands and even newer EV brands. Vibrant colors make the brand stand out as something modern and fresh while traditional racing elements retain a classic established feel. 

really that much better then what I currently have?), and convince new customers that specifically GoPro can do things your phone can’t.
Branding features give ownership over specific capabilities that only a GoPro can do. This is is why typography was so integral to the new identity, it had to be dynamic in nature matching the intensity of the action GoPro captures, while having a fun and playful personality. 

Stage: Pre-Seed 
Team: 0 Members ‎      3 Members 
Timeframe: April 2020 ‎      July 2020
Role: Freelance Creative Director
Industry: #EV #Automotive
Disciplines: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy
Deliverables: Logo, Brand Identity System, Guidelines, Campaign Concept
Team: Design@DevinMcGrath, Copy@ColeKennedy

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