Building the Away brand from launch to a billion dollar valuation with a sophisticated brand identity and digital experience.

We live in an age of access. Anyone can go everywhere. The world is a shared place, and every trip is part of the exchange, no matter the destination. For us, all time away is time well spent. 

The brand celebrates a moment in culture where travel is more accessible than ever before and a statement that travel makes us better. No longer is travel a luxury but a lifestyle.

The design is meant to be atheistically sophisticated and subtle, Essentially acting as a window to the world waiting to be explored. Borders around each design was a subtle frame for a world away, paired with a sophisticated sans-serif typeface and minimal design elements. 

The photography focused on locations not well known (…yet) so there is a sense of mystery and aspiration. Each campaign was built piece by piece by the visual mosaics that make that place unlike anywhere else in the world, and each piece of the mosaic, and each place you visit changes you, it becomes a part of who you are.

‎      Successfully grew the Away brand to 150+ million in revenue.  
‎      Created a brand identity system that scaled without losing integrity. Identity system allowed the team to launch new product, partnerships, campaigns, events, stores, etc on a weekly cadence, scaling with the rapid growth without losing integrity while onboarding 20+ creatives.
‎      Helped build the creative team to 20+ members in 18 months.

Revenue: Launch ‎      150 Million
Valuation: PreVal ‎      1 Billion
Timeframe: May 2016 ‎      January 2018 
Stage: Seed ‎      Series B
Length: 18 Months
Role: Design Director
Industry: #Travel #Startup
Disciplines: Brand Identity, Digital Experience
Stakeholders: Co-FoundeRubio, VP-Growth-MarketingMark-Chou
Production: Photographer@Vanessa-Granda, DP@MatteProjects

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