Establishing Burrow as a lifestyle brand by embracing and celebrating lounging around, disconnecting and relaxing, staying in vs going out. This was brought to life with a new brand identity system, new campaign, and digital experience. 
Make Yourself at Home
How do you build a lifestyle around furniture? Most furniture and home goods brands focus solely on building the aesthetic of the space in a still life setting. Our approach was to focus on people and celebrate the lifestyle of lounging around, disconnecting and relaxing at home, embracing staying in versus going out.
We cast 4 distinct real couples and individuals who’s identities reflected 4 different design aesthetics. Then prompted them to act as if they were home alone. We worked with photographer Jeremy Liebman to capture these candid moments with an editorially influenced style. 

The brand identity system was built to be modular, reflecting the modular nature of the product itself. This was used functionally in iconography to distinguish seat count to arm rests, and in product photography making sure every piece fit together just right.

‎      Make Yourself at Home campaign launched with 4 distinct design styles and personalities along with enough evergreen content to last 6+ months before full saturation.
‎      Website completely redesigned with a focus on libraries allowing the brand to scale and launch new products + features faster. 
‎      300+ total photo assets and 100+ design components delivered.

Timeframe: April 2018 ‎      July 2018
Stage: Series A ‎      Series B
Length: 4 Months
Role: Freelance Creative Director
Industry: #Homegoods #Furniture 
Disciplines: Brand Identity, Digital Experience
Deliverables: Campaign Photography, Evergreen Photography, Product Photography, Brand Guidelines, Website
Production: Photographer@Jeremy-Liebman, DP@Nick-Ray-Mccann, Producer@Liane-Pavilonis

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