How do you build a lifestyle around furniture? Most furniture and home goods brands focus solely on building the aesthetic of the space in a still life setting. Our approach was to focus on people and celebrate the lifestyle of lounging around, disconnecting and relaxing at home, embracing staying in versus going out.

Make yourself at home
We cast 4 distinct real couples and individuals who’s identities reflected 4 different design aesthetics. We collaborated with photographer Jeremy Liebman to capture these candid moments with an editorial influence. 

The brand identity system was built to be modular, reflecting the modular nature of the product itself. This was used functionally in iconography to distinguish seat count to arm rests, and in product photography making sure every piece fit together just right.

Timeframe: April 2018 ‎      July 2018
Stage: Series A ‎      Series B
Role: Freelance Creative Director
Creative Team: CreativeDirector@Sho_Shibuya, Copywriter@Cole_Kennedy
Production Team: Photographer@Jeremy_Liebman, DP@Nick_Ray_Mccann, Producer@Liane_Pavilonis