How do you make GoPro relevant with a new generation (and a sea of challenger brands) while retaining the core brand that got GoPro where it is today?

Gopro largely built a brand around action sports, this was the core audience and has taken the brand incredibly far, those “wow” moments that can only really be captured with GoPro. We wanted to go beyond the wow moments, not just show the climax but the entire story, creating a nostalgic for the now, living in the moment while capturing the moment. 

With almost all consumer electrics, each year a new product is released with moderate upgrades from the year prior. The challenge is convincing existing customers to upgrade, while fighting feature fatigue and convince new customers that specifically GoPro can do things your phone can’t. Thats why we decided to brand each feature as if it were its own product, making that feature own-able and unique to the GoPro brand.

Revenue: $891M (2020) ‎      $1,161M (2021) 
Timeframe: September 2020 ‎      April 2022  
Role: Design Director
Team: CreativeDirector@Brian_Shown, Copywriter@Nicholas_Marini, ACD@Charlenge_Tsang
Credits: PhotoTeam@GoProLee@WorkSandy