Renovation is notorious for being stressful and sketchy, you’re trusting a stranger to come into your home tearing apart walls disrupting your daily routine for weeks or even months on end. So why renovate to begin with?  

Place of mind

When you think about the meaningful memories in your life, often you remember the place they reside both within your mind and the room they took place in. Each room in your home is a stage for the drama of your life to play out, each place you’ve lived holds these memories for forever. This is why we renovate, we believe in building better memories. 
Made decided that bathrooms are the first room of the home to reimagine (with a future expansion to other rooms) Bathrooms may be the most under appreciated room in the home, even though it’s where you start and end your day, it’s a place of reflection where you (quite literally) reflect on the day ahead or the one thats passed, and its the only room of the home that you’re typically alone in.

A bathroom is a study rooted in natural texture, stone, metal, wood, all built around the most important element water. On their own these natural elements can feel cold and sterile, so pairing these with warm lighting and soft textile textures give the brand an elevated look and feel.

Stage: Seed (9M) ‎      Series A (25M) 
Timeframe: May 2021 ‎      December 2022
Team: 0 Members ‎      6 Members
Role: Freelance Creative Director ‎      Advisor
Creative: ACD@Justin_Lafontaine, SeniorDesigner@Miriam_Kaplan, Copywriter@Cole_Kennedy
Production: Photographer@Samuel_Elkins, DP@Symeon_Platts, Producer@Raf_Sanchez