peace direct

PeaceDirect supports locals fighting for peace in some of the most conflicted parts of the world. I worked with Peace Direct and Away to tell these stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through some harrowing photography and an interactive editorial website.
‎      Website nominated for a Webby in social impact. 
Timeframe: June 1017 ‎      September 2017  
Length: 4 Months
Role: Creative Director
Production: Photographer@Greg_Funnel

When we think of violence we usually don’t think of it being nearby, and the further away it is, the more likely we are to ignore it. That’s why we made every block of text have a read receipt attached to it that corresponds to your local time. A read receipt you can’t turn off or ignore.

The website starts off with 3 headlines of violence somewhere far away in the world. As you scroll it changes the location of the headlines to the users current location. This intentionally makes the experience uncomfortable by bringing the violence a little closer to home.

The overall look and feel was meant mimic the contrast of peace and conflict. The Typeface contrasts between thinner condensed weight to thicker expanded weight for moments of violence or impact. The Colors are inverted black and white from a traditional news article. The Photography contrasts the environment with the determination and hope of the individual.