Travis Weihermuller

Independent Creative Director
Brooklyn, New York

    What I make

    My practice crafts meaningful and memorable narratives at the intersection of culture and identity. Connecting with people in a meaningful way starts from a place of empathy. Understanding someones unique perspectives lets you articulate a purpose that resonates individually and creates change culturally. 


    • Creative Direction
    • Art Direction
    • Graphic Design
    • Product Design
    • Brand Strategy


    • Brand Identities
    • Guidelines
    • Campaigns
    • Photography
    • Film / TV
    • Websites
    • Retail / Events


    • Art Directors Club
    • NYC Creative Council
    • Webby Nomination
    • It's Nice That
    • Design Week
    • Adweek
    • Awwwards

    Who I work with

    I typically work with founders before launch to build a brand 1.0, or at a major inflection point, building an evolved brand 2.0. I also work with larger brands who have a more established project brief and scope. Occasionally, I work with filmmakers or celebrities on new ventures or experimental design work.  


    • Away
    • Apple
    • GoPro
    • Made
    • HBO
    • Steven Soderbergh
    • Rashida Jones
    • Universal Studios


    • Startups
    • Interior Design
    • Travel
    • Fashion
    • Tech
    • Automotive
    • Film


    • Founders
    • Marketing Directors
    • Producers
    • Filmmakers
    • Photographers

    How I work

    As a Creative Director, I curate a team of freelance talent thats tailored to the personality of the brand. I also help grow internal creative teams, nurturing the culture, structure, and support needed to make amazing work. The length of an engagement can be 4-8 weeks with projects that have an established brief (think campaigns, brand identities, websites) to 6-18 month collaborations working very closely together to build a brand, team, and culture. 

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