Building the Away brand from launch to a billion dollar valuation with a sophisticated brand identity and digital experience. ...Read More
Renovation is notorious for being stressful and sketchy, you’re trusting a stranger to come into your home tearing apart walls disrupting your daily routine for weeks or even months on end. So why renovate to begin with? ...Read More
How do you make GoPro relevant with a new generation (and a sea of challenger brands) while retaining the core brand that got GoPro where it is today? ...Read More
Establishing Burrow as a lifestyle brand by embracing and celebrating lounging around, disconnecting and relaxing, staying in vs going out. This was brought to life with a new brand identity system, new campaign, and digital experience.  ...Read More
Launching a new travel publication that focuses on people as much as place, and being present in the moment, wherever that may be. This was realized through a brand identity system, print publication, and digital experience. ...Read More
How do you convince people to ditch the freedom and stability that comes with a traditional car especially in places that lack good public transportation? Ava is a new EV concept brand (backed by former Rivian investors) meant to tackle this problem.  ...Read More
PeaceDirect supports locals fighting for peace in some of the most conflicted parts of the world. I worked with Peace Direct and Away to tell these stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things through some harrowing photography and an interactive editorial website. ...Read More
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